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I am a 43 year old male. I am generally healthy, but I noticed I felt tired more and more often and really sluggish a lot of the time. I was having a harder time staying in shape and my libido was definitely down. My wife said I should check out something natural for a boost. And that’s how I found MaxMale-T.
- Ross J.Paulson
I am a 55 year old male. Several years ago, my Doctor put me on Androgel to help me raise my testerone levels. When the Androgel didn’t work, my Doctor suggested testosterone injections. I decided to give this MaxMale-T a shot. My T level went back up. But really I feel much better overall, compared to when I was on Androgel. I think this product definitely helps support T level and I'll keep using it to avoid having to go to drug therapy. MaxMale-T is definitely a miracle "steroid" substitute.
- James D. Smith
I would also like to state upfront that not only did Gout EX help me more than anything I have taken to end my painful and debilitating gout flares, but the company which makes it really cares and did everything to send my bottle to me before I had to leave the country. That kindness was instrumental in ending my pain and in saving my life--and has also started an incredible journey which has yielded amazing answers about this horridly painful condition.
- Dee J. Bridgewater
All natural; healthy T-boost! You will NOT be disappointed!
- Keneth Strachan
Very very pleased with this product!
- Issac Gregory
Perfect for me, the not-so-young-guy-I-used-to-be. I'm not that old old but I've noticed some things have changed along with my age. Took this and in no time I was able to flame up even better than before. Good for good sex, if you know what I mean.
- James D. Williams
Been taking supplements of the same kind but not all is as potent as this one. Tried this out a few months back and well, I'm now on my second bottle and it still gives me the same thing it gave me from the first time it kicked in. Stamina and lots of stamina, sometime I even hit the gym before hitting the sack. Really great! Keeping it up!
- Jacob.O'Conner
I will definitely never take any supplement aside from this. MaxMale-T keeps me healthy in every way that a man is supposed to be healthy. Keeps my private life on the up and up and always on the go. I also have the energy to keep my career and my social life. What more can I ask for?
- John Miller
If toys need batteries to operate at its best, this is my personal source of energy for doing "the thing." effects I was experiencing ...then I had a GOUT I proceeded to do reseach...I tried many other natural products...they were not working very I looked up to see how all the natural products were rated. I found that Gout Ex rated number one. So I tried them and now I am getting relief and getting better every day. I certainly can recommend these products As far as Gout EX (which is the "TOP SELLER" I can certainly understand why, after taking it). I ordered the three bottle offer and am so happy I did.This product is liquid and goes directly into the blood stream...the minuet you take it, it starts to work...and if you take as continues to work. Don't just take my word,..try it yourself, you will not regret it...and if you take it, as recommended, you will find, as I did,..that .IT WORKS!!!!
- Peter T. Wong
I found out I had too much uric acid in my blood, and it was causing joint pain in my wrist and elbows. After taking this product for 2 weeks, my pain was gone! I was advised to take two bottles of it to completely get rid of the uric acid build-up. It may take longer for some to be relieved of their pain, depending on how bad the build-up is.
- Jason Clark
I had really bad gout attacks in my knees and foot, alluprinol didn’t help keep it away and and I also didn’t want to have to take it for the rest of my life...tried Gout Ex for an herbal alternative. Took about a month before I started noticing a difference, but since then it's been great! Bottom line - if you've suffered from the pain of gout, you have to take this!
- Michael Young
The results are amazing. The Gout EX have shrunk and I have no more pain. Extra bonus is that it helps reduce other inflammation, lowers blood pressure and acts as a diuretic. Best thing I have tried to treat gout.
- Donald Hill
I have been suffering from gout attacks for several years now. My Doctor prescribed Indomitable which wasn't extremely effective and made my stomach really upset. I was so fed up with the prescription gout treatments that I looked into more natural options.
- Nick J. Gleason
Before discovering Gout Ex, I was having crippling gout attacks two times per month, for over a year. Since taking this product for almost two months now, I have not had ONE flare-up. I just ordered three more bottles ... I am totally pain free. No more limping, no more waking up in the middle of the night because of the gout pain I had experienced before. I am so happy to have discovered this product.
- Gabriel Parker
He loves it because it's the only thing he's found that actually helps keep the gout flare ups away. He won't use anything else!
- Nicole Ying
My doctor informed me that the uric acid levels in my blood were high and that I might get gout. Since I am generally healthy, I didn't what to do. So I started Gout Ex. After using it for 3 months, another blood test revealed that my uric acid levels were significantly lower. Love this product.
- Eric Nazareth
The first gout symptoms I experienced were about two years ago. They were sudden and severe. I self-diagnosed it on the internet, which was easy because the symptoms were classic and easily recognizable.
- Harry Watson
My husband suffered from gout attacks for years, the attacks kept getting worse and more frequent, despite keeping a very strict diet and on all sort of medications (allopurinol, colchicine, idomethacine). He frequently had to rely on crutches to get around, and there were times he had to get down on his knees and crawl as he could not bear any pressure on his feet. The gout attacks were viciously painful, and the duration kept getting longer.
- Taylor T.Johnson
I wanted to wait a year before writing a proper review. Some background on me. I like to eat fish, meat and consume probably more beers than need to be. But hey, I like beer. Those items are gout magnets. I would get a bad gout attack roughly every 8-14 months. Would be unable to walk for a couple days. Noticeable limp for a week or more. I started using this product and I haven't had gout in almost a year. I would recommend this product for people looking to not have any repeat inflammation. It appears to do as advertised. If you are in the middle of a bad gout attack, Ive found that a shot (steroid) is the only immediate cure. Ive had it so bad that I was willing to try anything and this product is a good one. Also, I do not take two pills a day. I take one a day and it seems to work just fine.
- Scott Chang
No Gout flares for me since I started taking this supplement. I just ordered three more bottles.
- Jacob Perry
I decided to try Gout Ex and a daily dose of tart cherry juice and am pleased to report that since then I have not had a single attack. Prior to Gout Ex I used to get a gout attack every five or six weeks and that pattern is now gone. My diet has not changed and I attribute to being gout free on this simple to use formula that simply works.
- Kevin J. Mattew
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